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About Us

Celebrating our First Year!


Woo hoo!  TOGETHER, we made it through our first year in business.  We are humbled by the level of community support we have received and are looking forward to what 2019 will bring our way.  We are located in beautiful Great Falls MT and service many of the surrounding areas including Cascade, Helena, Choteau, Shelby & Chester.   

Meet Hopper & Sherri


My cousin Dirk gave me the nickname "Hopper" and what can I say, it stuck!   I have been a painter and carpenter in the Great Falls community for over 25 years. Being on the other side of the counter as  a business owner has a whole new set of challenges.  What I enjoy most is sharing what I know about the products and how to apply them successfully and efficiently so that projects turn out amazing.  It warms my heart to have a customer return with their before and after pics excited about how well their project turned out.  It helps that I have applied virtually all of the products we sell in a job site environment.  I'm constantly attentive to feedback from our contractors and customers and my goal is to carry everything needed for successful painting projects small and large.  I'm always making adjustments to our inventory and I'm open to new requests.  Stop by, have a coffee or water, grab a cookie and let me know what we can do here on our end to support your projects. 

Hi there, my name is Sherri and I am a behind the scenes girl.  Hopper and Ro are the talent in this operation.  They both know their craft extremely well and in my opinion are among the best in the business.   I will be working diligently behind the scenes to constantly improve our business processes and help keep our little store running smoothly. 

Meet Ro & Tamra


Hello, my name is Rachel. I am an interior designer and entrepreneur. My passion is color, especially paint. Paint is such an effective way to bring new life to any room! I am the former owner of Rachel’s Furniture Gallery and project leader at Tuttle Tile & Stone.  I never dreamed I would be an owner of a paint store but I could not be more excited to be in business with my cousins and my sister!  We are focused on creating a supportive environment for everyone and our hope is that when a person walks into our store that they will notice and feel the difference our experience, talent and commitment makes.  We will  continue selling  window treatments, wall paper and supplies for all of your DIY projects. I am always researching design ideas and bringing in new products that support current and timeless trends. I dearly love the people of our community and I look forward to your continued business and friendship. 

Hello everyone, I am Tamra and I am usually in "the hole"  as we lovingly refer to the back office where I crunch the numbers  which comprise our books and records.  I am the organizer of the team and my unofficial title is Life Traffic Control Officer.  I always have time for a hug and a smile to make the heart happy.   Stop by and let us pamper you with a cookie and a smile.  And remember... The coffee's always on!